Providing accurate and efficient contents pricing and replacement to the Insurance Industry.

Our Story

National Vendor started serving property adjusters across the United States in 1997. The company was created to correct the mistakes so many "replacement" services had made over the years. We wanted to elevate service levels and offer features that no one in the industry had before. We started with a simple phrase: "SERVICE FIRST"

Throughout our existence our focus has always been bringing unmatched personal service to both the adjuster and insured, while relying on cutting edge technology to produce accurate and efficient results. In addition, we regularly survey our customers in order to assess their needs.

We were listening! With this valuable feedback we have instituted programs and policies to make National Vendor more responsive to our client's needs. Below are some of the programs that your feedback has produced.

Authorization to Replace
We do not ship items to your insured until they authorize us, in writing (email, fax, or post) that they are accepting the LKQ replacement models and acknowledge our return policies. Additionally, you are also made fully aware and asked to acknowledge receipt of the replacement product totals, the invoice amount, and the insured’s written approval, before our orders are placed.
Local Replacement
National Vendor has expanded our corporate partnerships to include: Best Buy, Sears, Staples, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Guitar Center, Dick’s Sporting Goods, REI, Bass Pro and Cabela’s. While you benefit from our corporate discounts, your insured enjoys the benefit of having the replacement merchandise immediately available at a local retailer.
Claim Tracker
National Vendor’s proprietary user interface was created exclusively for you and your clients. While new features are regularly being implemented, currently offers real-time reporting of our assigned claims.

Large Loss Evaluation
Our years of successful experience have earned us the right to be branded as industry experts in mitigating loss of business expense. From generators to cranes, printing presses to farm equipment, National Vendor will negotiate with local vendors to gain the best pricing available and as always, back it up with physical replacement.