Providing accurate and efficient contents pricing and replacement to the Insurance Industry.

Our Services

Over the years, National Vendor has made it a priority to listen to and address the needs of our clients. This has led to the creation of several service offerings that work in concert to achieve three main objectives: Compilation, Evaluation, and Fulfillment

National Vendor’s On-Site service is your first line of defense against inadvertent oversettlement. By assisting your insured with their contents compilation, we are also providing a valuable service to you by ensuring an accurate account of the loss. Why pay for a 4 pack of paper towels if there was only one roll left in the pack? Was that Ostrovsky painting a canvas or just a print? While these two cases are on opposite ends of the oversettlement spectrum, both are real examples of ways that National Vendor’s On-Site division has saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years. More

Our Core Claims and Large Loss departments are staffed with several contents experts waiting and willing to serve all your evaluation needs. Our highly skilled contents evaluators will provide you and your insured with the fair market value of every item on a contents inventory. Whether it be electronics, furniture, perishables, clothing or collectibles, our contents evaluation methodology has been proven equitable in a court of law. More

Our Bid Managers are highly skilled, industry trained professionals. When one of our evaluators receives a vendor bid or invoice, the research and negotiations begin. On the occasion that the original bid or invoice is not reduced, you can rest assured that you will be settling the claim for the most equitable, fair market value possible. More
One service that sets National Vendor apart is our ability to fulfill the quoted contents inventory. With approval from the adjuster and insured, we can physically replace items on the loss inventory. Replacement items are brand new, fully-­warrantied and most importantly like, kind and quality to what was claimed. More