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  • Onsite Inventory Creation

    For over 12 years, we have been the industry leader in onsite inventory compilation. We have a network of trained, credentialed and experienced contents inspectors who are unmatched in the industry. We ensure our field inspectors are equipped with the right technology they need to efficiently create a comprehensive and detailed report and inventory. 

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  • Pricing Evaluation

    We seek to assist in making your insured’s life whole again by providing the most accurate like kind and quality research for all items associated with the loss. Our team of research professionals rely on years of experience and claims knowledge to recommend specific replacement items. We use only nationally recognized retailers and suppliers selected based on the insured’s specific loss location and purchasing habits. This ensures the highest level of accuracy and provides the best possible customer experience. 

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  • Fulfillment

    Consumer buying trends today require insurance carriers to consider fulfillment and replacement services to enhance the overall customer experience for insureds. National Vendor has over 25 years of experience with direct consumer fulfillment, and we understand the logistics of meeting and exceeding the insured's expectations. Insureds expect friendly and quick assistance, and our expert fulfillment representatives are the best in the business. Our surveys confirm that customer satisfaction increases when National Vendor assists insureds with the fulfillment of items. With approval from the adjuster and the insured, we can physically replace items from the quoted contents inventory.

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  • Specialty & Bid Management

    Our fastest growing business, customers rely on our Specialty and Bid Management experts for assistance with complex claims involving contractors and/or specialty equipment and inventories. Large, complex losses – including commercial losses – require more attention and expert coordination. Our team of specialty experts can assist with both evaluation and fulfillment of non-standard items and inventory. Our bid managers are experts in evaluating vendor and contractor bids.  Simply send us the vendor’s original proposal and we will respond with either the new negotiated bid or the written verification of the original bid’s fair market accuracy. We are devoted to ensuring a fair and accurate settlement for our customers! 

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  • Proven Results & Customer Satisfaction

  • I just received notice that we will receive the full benefit allowed for our personal property claim. It is such a huge relief! I want you to know how much I truly appreciate all of your help and support that you provided throughout this process...Without your support, I would still be toiling over lists of individual items and fretting about what I may have forgotten or what I just remembered. Your professionalism, expertise and easy manor were all vital in helping me through this difficult process.

    - Mrs. Insured - CA

  • I just wanted to thank you for being such a pleasure to work with. It was very clear to me how devoted you are to your work and customer service...In addition to your professionalism, I felt comfortable and more at ease because of your personality, kindness and patience with such a huge loss...I was kept posted throughout the process and you always returned calls promptly, and kept your word. Having someone take the time to replace our losses with new items was such a tremendous help...I’ll never forget you, and all of your efforts to make us whole...I sincerely appreciate [my insurance company] for choosing National Vendor - Two companies with the highest of standards!

    - Mrs. Insured & Family - VA

  • Just wanted to reach out and let you know what a great job [your National Vendor representative] is doing. During the initial on-boarding of our claims to National Vendor, she was always easy to get a hold of and issues are always resolved very quickly. I spoke with her this week in regards to a claim that needed special attention and she went above and beyond to make sure I had the claim back the same day. Couldn’t be happier about our new partnership with National Vendor!

    - Sr. Field Claims Rep, Client - MI


  • 2018 Claims Conference & Insurance Services Expo (PLRB)

    April 15th- 19th, 2018

  • 2018 NAMIC Convention

    September 23 - 26, 2018

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