• <strong>Replacement</strong> & <strong>Fulfillment</strong>

    Replacement & Fulfillment

    We can work directly with your insured to replace their contents items!

About Fulfillment Services

One service that sets National Vendor apart is our ability to fulfill the quoted contents inventory. With approval from the adjuster and insured, we can physically replace items on the loss inventory. Replacement items are brand new; under full warranty; and, most importantly, like kind and quality to what was claimed.

How It Works

When we receive an assignment, National Vendor contacts your insured within 24 hours to obtain pertinent product information and accurately determine the appropriate LKQ replacement. If the insured chooses the replacement option for some or all of their items, your invoice will reflect the National Vendor wholesale replacement cost for the merchandise. National Vendor promptly delivers replacement product to your insured; or, your insured can pick-­up replacement product at a partner retailer within hours of National Vendor receiving adjuster approval. Your customized contents report lets you know exactly what portion of the claim is paid to National Vendor for the replacement items and what portion is payable to your insured. At your request, the report can also apply insured deductibles, item depreciation, and any applicable policy limits.

Benefits of Fulfillment Services

  • Reported 8.5% average claim accuracy improvement
  • Vast product knowledge
  • Commercial property experts
  • Reduced claim cycle-time
  • Proven financial benefits
  • Local replacement option
  • National retail partnerships
  • Monthly usage reports
  • Real-time claim status tracking
  • Expert evaluation available on all non-replacement items

Experience Matters

Fulfillment is more than simply placing an order online.  We have over 30 years of experience in direct fulfillment associated with insurance claims! We have a vast network of local, regional, and national retail partnerships that takes years to cultivate. Using retail and wholesale sources that deliver on promised quality and customer service is of paramount importance in fulfillment. We understand this and take great care to only select partners who will meet and exceed our expectations. We also support your insured every step of the way, assuring successful outcomes and positive experiences for every claim.

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